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Photography Competition │ Kompetisaun Fotografia

The Australian Embassy photography competition is now closed. Thanks to over 90 photographers who submitted their photos. The judging process will commence shortly and we will contact prize winners in coming weeks.

Kompetisaun Fotografia Embaixada Austrália nian taka ona. Obrigadu barak ba fotógrafu nain 90 resin ne’ebé hatama ona sira nia foto. Prosesu selesaun sei hahu iha tempu badak nia laran no ami sei kontaktu manan-nain sira iha semana hirak tuir mai.

Timor-Leste ambulances back on the road

The Ministry of Health announced on 13 October that one third of its ambulance fleet have been repaired and are back on the road with a total of 31 vehicles repaired and serviced this year.  Australian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter Doyle, joined Timor-Leste Health Minister, Dr Sergio Lobo, to launch the new Ambulance Maintenance Program and a new workshop in Dili. Read more: English and Tetun.

Australia brings water to remote communities of Timor-Leste

The Australian government continues to ensure remote communities in Timor-Leste gain and maintain access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.  Tucked away in a remote corner of Manufahi District, the village of Oerema is not accessible by road and has no electricity, save a few solar panels. Until August this year, they also didn’t have close access to reliable clean water. Read more: English and Tetun.

Timor-Leste Scout Association opens new Activities Centre with Australian support

The Australian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter Doyle, recently attended the opening in Metinaro of a Scout Activities Centre for the Timor-Leste National Union of Scouts.  The Australian Embassy provided $10,000 to the construction of an amenities block at the centre with funds from its Direct Aid Program (DAP). The centre also received support from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government and the ACT local community as part of the 2013 Centenary of Canberra celebrations, and from Scouts Australia. Read more: English and Tetun.

Australia supports new rice milling plant near Baucau

Australian Ambassador Peter Doyle commended the launch of a rice milling plant near Baucau which will enable local paddy farmers to produce high quality rice for the Timorese market. Through its Market Development Facility (MDF) program, the Australian Government shared the cost of the project.  Read more: English and Tetun.  

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